Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry – Velocity 2 and Quarry Karts

Taking a trip up to North Wales is especially worth it and without a doubt, visiting Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry is high up on our “Must Do!” list for North Wales. With multiple activities available, a trip to Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry will take up a large portion of your day.

Off-road trikes down the side of the slate quarry!

Zip World penrhyn Quarry - Quarry Karts

Quarry Karts is a relatively new attraction to Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry, there’s a purpose built track for your to speed down on off road trikes from the top of the mountain to the base of the quarry.  After taking a 15 minute bumpy ride to the top of the mountain, you climb out to find yourself next to the starting location of the Velocity 2 zip wire. The Quarry Karts track meanders down though the quarry with some fast tight turns, slower gentle sections of the track and even tunnels for you to blast through.

Zip World penrhyn Quarry - Quarry Karts

You’ll get two runs from the top of the mountain on the Quarry Karts at Penrhyn Quarry, which after the walk from the car park, the trips up in the truck and your nail biting blasts down the mountain will take just over an hour, but you’ll be talking about it for a lot longer. You’re provided with a helmet, goggles and elbow pads before you are let loose. Just be warned though, if you’re not careful and you go too fast you will flip your trike and slate is very sharp! You don’t want to be that person filling out the accident book at the bottom! We would recommend taking an old jacket, we visited in September and it was quite chilly at the top.

The Fasted zip line in the world

Velocity 2 at Zip World, Penrhyn quarry is by far, the main reason people visit. If a Zip Line which can travel over 100mph (160kmh), soaring over a flooded quarry over 1550 meters sounds like fun, then this is a place you do not want to miss on your trip to North Wales. Velocity 2 claims to be the fastest Zip Wire in the world and I don’t doubt that! We visited late in the afternoon when there was a tail wind, the guy working there said we should expect speeds around 120mph with added boost.

Zip World penrhyn Quarry - Velocity 2

There are two Zip lines you’ll ride should you choose to do the zip wires, there’s “The little zipper” and “The Big Zipper”. After getting your overalls on, kitted up you take a stroll across the car park to the starting location for The Little Zipper, this is just a taster of what to expect, but none the less, The Little Zipper is still quite exciting. When it’s your turn you lay face down on a bed whilst the attendant connects you to the zip line. Once everyone’s connected the beds are retracted, there’s a count down from the staff and the brakes are released!

The little zipper takes a few moments for you to start going, but once you’re going you fly over a cliff and across the vivid blue waters before gracefully coming to a stop in the finishing area. The staff will help you down and there’s a waiting area, where you’re asked to wait for everyone else in your group to come off the zip wire. Everyone is boarded on a truck which takes you to the top of the mountain, exactly like the Quarry Karts. There’s a few minutes available to enjoy the views from the top of the mountain, on a clear day you can see all the wait to Menai straight!

The starting point for Velocity 2 is indoors, my guess is that this adds to the suspense, everyone is lined up single file in groups of 4 and each group is called forward after the group before you has come off the zip wire at the bottom. When you’re next in line, your group are offered action video cameras to attach to their helmets to record your flight, but what you’re not told is that the video will cost you £15! Other than that, the process is exactly the same as the Little Zipper, but you are laying down at an angle, staring straight down into the quarry.

The staff do the same countdown before releasing the brakes, but this time, the speed picks up almost instantly and within seconds you’re travelling at over 100mph, heading face first into a quarry towards the water and onto the finishing area. The ride on the big zipper certainly feels short, but the pure speed and adrenaline rush of the ground disappearing from beneath you makes it certainly worth it.

Once you’ve disembarked there’s a short walk back to the reception building where the friendly staff will help you remove the equipment.

It’s clear that safety at Zip World is a high priority. Once you’ve been given your equipment it’s checked over by two different people, checked again by two different people on the little zipper and then checked again by another two people on the Big zipper. The same goes once you’re connected to the zip wire, everything is checked by two people to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your equipment and that you’re completely safe.

Grabbing a bite to eat!

Upstairs, above the reception area there’s a large spacious restaurant and bar with epic views across the quarry, if you’re waiting for friends to ride the zip line, don’t blink or they might zoom past the window!