Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle

Pembroke castle is situated on a rocky ridge set within the tidal estuary. The first castle on this site was built during 1093 during the Norman invasion of Wales. The first fortification was a motte and bailey castle, it had ramparts built from earth and timber palisade. In 1189, Pembroke Castle was under the ownership of William Marshal who began adapting the fort to a stone castle. The inner ward was constructed first, contains a huge round keep which is an impressive 23 meters (75ft). The keep also has several put-log holes which supported a wooden fighting platform that defenders of the keep could fight back against attackers from above.

The first castle on this site was founded by the Norman lord, Roger of Montgomery in the 11th century. That castle resisted multiple Welsh attacks over the next 30 years which led onto Pembroke castle becoming the heart of Norman-controlled south west Wales.

During the 15th and 16th centuries the castle was a place of peace until the Civil War broke out. Most of south west Wales sided with the king, but Pembroke declared allegiance to Parliament. The castle was successfully captured by the kings men and was later saved by Parliamentary reinforcements who came by sea from Milford Haven. Who then went on to capture the Royalist strongholds of Tenby, Haverfordwest and Carew.

In 1648 as the war was near end, the leaders of Pembroke decided to change sides and led a Royalist uprising. This caused Oliver Cromwell to come to Pembroke and recapture the castle, after this he ordered for the castle to be demolished and the leaders to be tried for treason. The towns people of Pembroke were encouraged to take stone from the castle for their own use. After this the castle was abandoned and fell into ruins.

Pembroke Castle remained in ruins until 1880 until a three year restoration project began. No further restoration work was done on the castle until after World War one, Major-General Sir Ivor Phillips obtained the castle in 1928 and he resumed restoration of the castle until his death. The castle is now jointly managed by the Phillips Family and Pembroke town council. The castle remains to be the largest privately owned caste in Wales.

Where is Pembroke Castle?

Pembroke Castle is situated at the far South West of Wales and is very easy to get to along the M4 Motorway, which then turns into the A48 then the A477 which almost directly takes you to Pembroke Castle.


Pembroke Castle Pictures

Find below some of the Photos of Pembroke Castle on a warm, clear summers day.