What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales

Excellent, you’ve got a trip to Wales booked and you’re looking at what you need to pack in your cases and wear. We’ve got you covered on what to pack and wear on your trip to Wales.

City breaks in Wales are popular as Cardiff, a vibrant and inviting city is the youngest European city. With plenty of attractions, places to visit, things to see along with great places to eat and party. This section we’ll talk about the best clothes to pack and wear for your city break in Wales at different times of the year.

There are a few things we need to take in consideration when packing for your city trip to Wales. These can have a huge impact on what you pack and what you wear whilst you’re staying in Wales. Most importantly, what type of trip are you taking? Luckily this article about a city break in Wales but you must consider what time of the year are you visiting Wales; The weather in Wales can be range from -5C to 25C on average each year, not to mention that Wales is a rather wet country, we get a lot of rain!

November – March

November to March is cold, frosty (Sometimes snowy!) and definitely wet with over 100mm of rain on average throughout this time of the year.

You’re going to want to bring a nice warm jacket (Coat), make sure it’s waterproof! I cannot stress how important this is if you’re going to be out exploring the cities and outdoor attractions they offer. I usually wear a ski jacket as an everyday coat during these times of the year. Not only is a ski jacket warm, they’re water resistant (To an extent), which makes them and excellent choice of jacket to wear around the cities of Wales during the winter months.

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales - Jacket

Packing a jumper should be high up on your list of things to pack for your city trip to Wales between November and March. Whilst it’s not the coldest place in the country, you will feel the benefits. You will find every place you enter will have the heating turned up, if you’ve got a good jacket then having a light jumper underneath will make it comfortable and pleasant when going indoors.

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales - Jumper

Let’s talk shoes, bring warm, comfortable and water resistant shoes. It may be worth bringing more than one pair (Just in case they get wet, they probably will!). Since your trip to Wales is a city break you don’t need to worry about mud, it’s just the puddles and rain you want to worry about. It’s also worth making sure that your footwear has enough grip on them to cope with morning frosts and ice if you’re visiting during the colder months.

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales - Shoes

If like me, you feel the cold. I usually wear a pair of leggings underneath my jeans to make sure I’m extra warm. The winter months are certainly not the time of the year where shorts are suitable (You will see people in shorts and flip flops though!).

Should you be planning to visit various places throughout the city where you’ll be going indoors and outdoors frequently an umbrella is a must.

April – October

From April to June, Spring arrives, the nights get longer and the days get warmer, these are the most awkward months to judge what to wear as the weather can vary wildly from cold, wet 12C days to 30C hot days that feels like you’re in Spain. There can be brief showers or torrential downpours whilst last for days, water shortage certainly isn’t a thing in Wales.

As the summer swings into full force throughout July and August, it quickly disappears from September on wards as the nights begin to close in. Depending on what time you visit during these months, the clothes you want to take with you on your visit to Wales can vary dramatically.

As a rule of thumb, dress light expecting both a nice warm day and the occasional shower.

You should consider packing a light waterproof jacket, which can be packed away easily and taken around with you, without taking too much space. You never know, you might need to pull it out quickly.

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales - Light Jacket

Light jeans, chinos or trousers are going to be high up on your packing list during the Spring/Summer months, just be warned when you choose the colour, they may get wet with the occasional shower, so I wouldn’t wear a light colour. Though to June, the rain does become less frequent so shorts or lighter colour trousers are suitable. If you’re travelling during July/August then shorts are most certainly something you want to add into your case.

What to pack and wear on a city trip to Wales - Chinos

It’s less likely that you’ll need to bring two pairs of shoes during the Spring/Summer months, but if you’re planning on going out in the evenings some trendier shoes may be suitable. Again, comfortable shoes for adventuring around the city during the day are important.