The Best Beaches In South Wales

Just in time for summer we’re going to start talking about the best beaches that you can visit in South Wales. There are over 40 beaches in Wales which boast a blue flag status.

A blue flag is a world-renowned eco label owned by the foundation for Environmental education. for more than 30 years blue flag has had a transformational impact on water quality environmental awareness safety services and protection.

There are also 18 beaches in Wales the game the green Coast walked this recognises them as “hidden gems” along the Welsh Coast-line. there are another 40 beaches that have achieved the seaside award for the highest standards of water quality and facilities.

There are many beaches in Wales that will leave you pondering as to where you actually are in the world when in reality you are in Wales. from stunning long sandy beaches to crystal clear blue water Wales undoubtedly has so I’m off the best beaches within the United Kingdom

In no particular order we’re going to talk about the best beaches in South Wales.

Rest Bay

Rest Bay

The town of Porthcawl is home to Rest Bay. Rest Bay is a large sandy beach with a fairly large car park and has excellent surf all year round. Rest Bay is a designated blue flag beach with high levels of cleanliness and has great availability of activities.

Plans were approved in August of 2017 to create a new water sports hub which has potential to include a new cafe, toilets, changing room facilities, function room, covered area for walkers. Part of the funding for the improvement came from a £1.5 million of European funding.

At Rest Bay there are at least two circles operating from the beach to shouldn’t have any problems finding surf lessons if you would like to learn to surf. when the surf is good the beach can become very crowded with over 100 Surfers in the water, so be patient and always abide by the surfing rules. the local server rules can be found on a sign outside the life saving club. If you are unsure take a moment to read the signs before paddling out into the surf.

Outside of the summer months Rest Bay is a fantastic beach for dog walking, but just be warned that during the summer months dog walking is not permitted on the beach itself. however the Wales coastal path does travel along Rest Bay where you can park and walk along there should you wish to take your dog for a long coastal walk.


Southerndown Beach

Southerndown is a small village just outside of Bridgend. Southerndown is home to one of the most geologically fascinating beaches in Wales, This can make walking down to the beach quite tricky as there’s a lot of rocks and exposed rock formations.

Getting to Southerndown beach is fairly straightforward no more than 15 minutes driving from Bridgend. However, during the summer months if you’re coming by car you will be required to pay only a couple of pounds to enter the car park.

If you like the idea of finding some fossils Then sudden down beach is a fantastic place to explore. During the Jurassic period the area was flooded and lots of different types of sediment were deposited. along with the sediments with the remains of small animals which can easily be discovered as fossils on the beach today.

Southerndown beach is reachable along the Wales coastal path a short walk from Southerndown beach takes you up to Dunraven Castle across Dunraven Bay and across to Nash Point Lighthouse.

To make the most of your visit to Southerndown beach it’s advisable to check the tide times just to ensure that the sand is exposed and you’ll not be left clambering across rocks. if the tide is in when you visit Southerndown beach the cliff tops are incredible to explore.

Whitmore Bay

Whitmore Bay

Whitmore Bay is a hugely popular destination on Barry Island due to its long sandy beaches numerous amusement parks and arcades. Not to mention it’s involvement with the highly popular TV series Gavin and Stacey.

Whitmore Bay is a sandy beach which boasts an award-winning blue flag status. Whitmore Bay lies within a sheltered Bay with rock pools are both Headlands and is backed by an elegant promenade and gardens. there are plenty of activities to do around the promenade of Whitmore Bay.

Whitmore Bay has been a popular beach destination for residents of the local town Barry and the largest cities nearby such as Cardiff and Bridgend. there are large car parks with a short walk to the beach but just be warned, the roads to the car parks for Whitmore Bay can get incredibly congested, queuing for up to 30 minutes is not unheard of.

Unfortunately there is a seasonal dog ban on the beach at Whitmore Bay. but that doesn’t stop dogs being on the promenade where is there is a packed programme of entertainment for all ages.

Llangennith Beach

Llangennith Beach

Llangennith beach is situated on the Western edge of the Gower Peninsula, it’s dog friendly all year round, family friendly and fantastic for all water sports.

Llangennith beach is an almost untouched gem situated on the Gower Peninsula sporting gorgeous sand dunes, sand as far as you can see and fantastic water quality. Llangennith beach has been crowned one of the 10 classic surf beaches. Be warned though there are shipwrecks at the beach which you will need to be careful of, especially if you are planning on Watersports.

To get to Llangennith beach you will need to travel by car, there is a car park, which you will have to pay for during the summer months. From the car park there is roughly a 200m walk to the beach, it can be tricky if you have pushchairs or wheelchairs.

There is a Camping and caravan park nearby with amenities such as food and bathrooms.