The India Gate – Whitchurch Village

Great Curry at a Great Price
  • Value for money
  • Availbility of tables
  • Quality of food
  • Friendliness of staff


The India Gate is an Indian restaurant in Whitchurch village that has been open for over 25 years. Serves great curry at a reasonable price with very friendly staff.

The India Gate is an Indian restaurant in Whitchurch Village (Literally opposite the entrance to the high school). I’ve visited this restaurant quite a few times and it never disappoints. The staff are very friendly, the food is very tasty, little on the spicy side so watch out there. They have the hottest Tikka Massalla I think I’ve ever had, but it was very nice.

I’ve found the prices to be consistent over the number of years I’ve been eating at the India Gate which is a good thing, the price is very reasonable too.

Booking has always been easy, but if you’re visiting as part of a group (We usually go in a group of 10-15). You have to book in advance, the restaurant is quite popular so at times it does get rather busy.

Parking is very easy at India Gate too, there’s a large open air car park behind which is free after 6PM.

With plenty of pubs and bars around too within walking distance, your night doesn’t end after a good curry.

Update October 2019

Having this weekend visited the India Gate in Whitchurch once again, I thought writing a little bit more would be worth doing. This time, 12 of us visited The India Gate. As the group arrived, the chap working there clearly recognised us and ushered us straight to our table in Waiting. Poppadums and chutneys followed soon with menus. I’m a creature of habit so already knew what I was going to have. Call me vanilla, but a Mixed Started, Chicken Korma, Pilau Rice and plain naan was what tickled my fancy that evening!

The India Gate Inside

As always the food was great, really tasty sauces with really soft meat that simply falls apart in your mouth. Delicious. The only let down and reason for going for a plain naan is that they are small.

Just like the very first time, the prices are still great, £16.80 for a decent curry in a nice area, what else could you want?

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